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Globally there is a health and wellness trend with more awareness towards sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. Egyptians have adopted this trend, and more people are showing interest in sports-related or sports-inspired fashion.

The Urban Sports segment caters to companies manufacturing or supplying:

  • Sportswear

  • Shoes, Fashion and Retail

  • Street Sports

  • Lifestyle Brands

  • E-sports and Gadgets


This show segment targets local/regional distributors, resellers, supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialised retailers across North Africa.

Egypt's production of sports shows reaches 70%

Gamal Al-Samlouti, president of the Chamber of Leather Industry at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, has estimated that the overall import of shoes was about 145 million shoes before the government's decision number 43 of 2016 to limit the importation to 50 million items from abroad, including 18 million sneakers annually. With such restrictions on importation, local production has begun to flourish. Even with the restrictions in place, the importation of urban sports wear still is the highest amongst other North Africa countries which offers huge opportunities to international manufacturers to have a share in the market.

Internet retailing and social media heko boost the growth of sportswear

Even though its value share is still low, internet retailing sales of sportswear are expected to grow exponentially over the forecast period, dominated by giant internet retailers such as Jumia and Souq, along with other few sportswear brands that offer internet retailing services. Social media is positively affecting the spread of sportswear by publicising frequent sports events that increase awareness of the benefits of sports.

Hypermarkets is a news channel for sportswear distribution

Hypermarkets is a relatively new channel for sales of sportswear in Egypt. As a high percentage of consumers are of low income, hypermarkets are benefiting thanks to inflation as consumers are looking for more reasonable prices.










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Show Timings

Thursday - Saturday, 13 - 15 February 2020

11:00am - 7:00pm


Cairo International Convention Center (CICC)

Cairo, Egypt

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