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Egypt's fitness industry tops the Arab World in terms of consumption of fitness products and services in 2017. There is also a significant increase on the number of gyms opening, imports of equipment, purchase of technology and high demand of consumables in the market. 


The Fitness & Health segment features exhibitors and brands who manufacture or supply:

  • Gym Equipment

  • Fitness Products and Technology

  • EMS, Physio, Rehabilitation

  • Supplements, Nutrition

  • Wellness Products

  • Fitness and Health Services

  • Accreditation


This show segment targets local/regional distributors, gyms, hotels, supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies and specialised retailers across North Africa.

A major exporter of fitness products and equipment in North Africa

Egypt remains the leading exporter of fitness products and equipment in the North Africa. This offers both local manufacturers and Egypt-based distributors a huge share in the EMEA fitness market.

Fitness facilities to grow exponentially across the country

There are currently 450+ on-going construction of sports venue, gyms, hotels, leisure parks and real estate projects in the country leading other emerging markets like Nigeria Kenya and Morocco. This presents huge opportunities for fitness equipment manufactures and distributors to land business deals with key decision makers of these projects. 

Protein powders and bars continues to lead retail value sales in 2017

Young, especially, well-off, Egyptians who are obsessed with sport and their physique will continue to spend any amount on health and wellbeing. These consumers regularly visit gyms and participate in frequent and intense workouts. Protein powder and bars remained the leading type in 2017. Such products are consumed by upper-income, and some middle-income, consumers interested in fitness/body building.

Franchising in Egypt

The franchise industry in Egypt is valued at over USD 14 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 20 percent. Retail franchises account for 49 percent of the non-food franchising sector, of which fitness and health are leading the sub-sectors, hence the influx of global fitness brands in the country.










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Show Timings

Thursday - Saturday, 13 - 15 February 2020

11:00am - 7:00pm


Cairo International Convention Center (CICC)

Cairo, Egypt

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